Frequently asked questions

Shipping & Returns

How can we order?

ANC can only provide our products and services to licensed professionals. Please be sure to have the number ready upon check out.
There are several ways to order: 1.) Locate a local distributor by clicking on " Find Us > Distributors" and locate your nearest supply store to see products in person. 2.) Order online, simply visit our "Shop" page. Choose the items of choice and add to your bag. Then complete the order by filling out the appropiate fields. 3.) To order by phone, please call 561-204-1414.

How long does it take to ship?

We normally ship via UPS. On average it will take anywhere from 2 -5 business days depending on your location. Any orders made before 3 PM EST will be shipped the same day.

Technical Questions

How do you remove ANC Products?

The removal process is similar to of Gel Products. Supplies you'll need for removal is cotton ball, tin foil, and pure acetone. Make sure to remove the shine from nails. Then place the cotton ball, saturated with Acetone, on top of the nail. Finally, wrap the nail and cotton ball with tin foil. Within 10 - 15 minutes, the product will soak off with no scraping involved! Please click on the link below for a video tutorial! How To Remove ANC Products

What is the Thinner Refill used for?

The main reason for the thinner is to give the nail technician a better control and range of how thick and thin they would like the #2 and #4 liquid. The thinner is most effective on brand new bottles.

If you find a used #2 and #4 liquid to be thick. The bottles may be contaminated with either excess powder or #3 Activator.
For more information please head on over to our blog for a full review.

What is the Base Powder used for?

Based Powder is used in two different ways. 1.) Primarily used to reinforce strength when set is applied with artifical tips.
2.) Provide neutral coverage to allow more vividness to colors
For more information please head on over to our blog for a full review.


What is Amazing Nail Concepts or ANC?

Amazing Nail Concepts (ANC) is a modern day acrylic dip system that enhances the appearance of natural nails. This system utilizes a resin based liquid combined with ultra fine milled acrylic powder.