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Custom MATCHED polish for ANC Colors


ANC's Website Refresh!

Complete focus on simplicity and quality. That same mindset is carried over to our new redesigned website creating a smooth modern look and feel. All new features will promote better guidance and transparency between you and our products.

Our purpose

  • Education to professionals and non professionals alike.

  • Transparency of our products.

  • Be prompt on answering all troubleshoot questions.

  • Provide the best quality products.

  • Products will be tested and assured the correct consistency, color, uniformity on our all our batches.

Brand new menu bar! Organized and grouped for better clarity and direction.


  • You can purchase all of our products.

  • Sign in to add products to your favorites list by clicking the heart on the top right.


  • New addition!

  • Blog post will have technical tips for all things dip.

  • Downloadable MSDS forms.

  • Product highlights will you updated on the latest and greatest.

Find us

  • Updated and better than ever!

  • You can find our Authorized Distributor and Salon's locator.

  • New drop down menu sorted under each state and country.

  • Above the drop down menu a map that pin points each location.


  • Questions will be answered in brief, all in depth answers will be in the blog posts!


  • Got a question for us? feel free to send an email or call!

  • Hours and location information.

Chat with us!

  • Brand new exciting feature!

  • Interact with one of our ANC reps directly on any questions and concerns you have.

  • Response will be prompt and in the order it was received.

Click on photos for more pictures and news on our Instagram!

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